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We're more than just comfy clothes, we're your daily reminder to love yourself first.


Founded in 2018 by Tasha Osborne, The Edited is a Canadian clothing brand whose mission is to encourage you to love yourself first. How do we do that? With the coziest clothes designed to build you up.

Our goal is to make sure every piece is there for you to comfort you and remind you of your worth.

Whether it's your go-to cozy sweatshirt while you get ready for school, a killer T-shirt to wear under a blazer for a major presentation at work, or a cozy toque on a chilly afternoon hike with your family, trust that we've got your back (literally).


Each collection is designed in Canada with a unique message of self-love.

In a world filled with Instagram filters, The Not Edited Collection is designed to remind you to love your true, authentic, behind-the-scenes, not-edited self first.

The North Collection is designed to remind you to stand TALL & STRONG, no matter what life throws at you.

The Growth Collection is designed to remind you that life is tough, but so are you.