The Social Media Struggle


Have you ever left social media feeling a little less than you might have felt before you logged on? Or have found yourself questioning where you are, based on the lives of others on the internet? Well, that's the social media struggle - and it's pretty common.

We live in a highly connected society, where we are delivered a glimpse into the lives of strangers on the internet directly into the palms on our hands. However, it's important to remember that this glimpse is not full access. It's a curated highlight reel that's edited into the narrative the person on the other end wishes to tell. 

That's right, social media is not the full picture - it is part of the picture. And while it's pretty amazing that you're able to cheer from the sidelines as those around you succeed, often the thing that's missing is the backstory, the buildup, and the struggle - you know, all of the components that go into real life.

Sometimes it can be hard not to compare your real-life, behind the scenes moments to what you see online.

Social media can sometimes feel like a place where everyone is living their best lives - they're the happiest they've ever been, the healthiest they've ever been, the most successful they've ever been, and the most fulfilled they've ever been. And while we wish more than anything for that to be true and for everyone to be living their best lives and doing amazingly, it's just not always the case.

When you're constantly bombarded by these highlight reels, it can be incredibly easy to begin to question how things are going in your behind the scenes. To question why things are so much harder for you in this season of life. Or question why you aren't where you think you should be at this time.

Unfortunately, there isn't exactly some magic formula to not comparing yourself to what you see online - let's just say it like it is, if it were easy, everyone would already be doing it. But one piece of advice that we find helpful for us is to do more.

Before we get too far, no, this doesn't mean to do more in terms of living some big, elaborate, Instagram-worthy life - in fact, we mean quite the opposite. 

Do more than you consume. Or, in other words, we mean to spend more time doing things and living your life offline, than you spend scrolling through other people's lives online. Do more of the things that excite you. Do more of the things that build you up. Do more of the things that make you feel good about yourself.

The reality is that most people are going to show what they want to online - and for most people, that means putting their best foot forward. So it's important to spend more time offline living your own life, doing the things you want to do, than scrolling through the lives of strangers on the internet.