Do you ever find that sometimes your days just slip away from you? You may wake up with the intention of prioritizing your self-care, but before you know it, life piles up and other things take priority? You may want to consider moving your self-care to the morning, which may mean waking up a little earlier.

Okay, so maybe the idea of waking up earlier sounds a little less than ideal. The mornings are dark and cold, and for some reason, our beds are substantially more comfortable when we need to get out of them. It can be so tempting to push the snooze button, and we may even want to go back to sleep altogether. But what if we were to look at mornings a little differently? What if we took them back as a way to empower ourselves and ready ourselves for the day instead of dreading them?

Let’s start by talking about the logistics

We figured we should get this out of the way, just in case you’re sitting there, saying to yourself, “I couldn’t possibly wake up earlier.” Just like most things, the more you wake up earlier, the easier it’ll get. Take it slowly to start: even just an extra 15-30 minutes in the morning can give you ample time to prioritize your self-care. Getting into a routine can also help your mornings go a little more smoothly. Have you ever driven somewhere new and have felt stressed, a little turned around, and downright confused? As you drive that same route, the easier it gets, and the more confident you become. Basically think of your routine as your own roadmap for what to expect. As tough as it may feel in the beginning, it’ll get easier with time.  

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Regardless if you live alone, have roommates, or have a family to care for, it can be so easy to fill up your day with the needs of others. We’re constantly connected, which can make people believe that we’re always available or constantly on. It’s important to carve out time in your day for yourself, and in the morning, while the rest of the world is asleep, may just be a perfect time for you. It allows you to check-in with yourself to see how you’re doing, what you need that day to thrive, and to refill your own cup before you begin to care for others.

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Mornings + Self-Care

It’s quiet

Firstly, it’s quiet. It’s this special little time before the rest of the world has woken up and begun for the day. It’s peaceful, easier to focus, and can totally be seen as the calm before the storm. You don’t need to respond to texts or emails, and there are likely fewer people vying for your attention. Use this time to focus on your own needs to help you feel empowered to tackle the day ahead.

It’s uninterrupted time

Like we previously mentioned, when most of the world is still asleep, you’re basically gifted with uninterrupted time to focus on your own needs. Use this as a power hour (or even power half-an-hour if that’s all you have time for) to accomplish something that you don’t typically have the time for. Depending on your own goals, you could use this time to journal, read, workout, do some yoga, shower, or do your skincare routine. You know your body and your needs more than anyone else, so just make sure you spend some time listening to hear what you actually need. 

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It starts your day off well

We’ve all felt the difference in our days when we’ve had a good morning versus a stressful morning where everything goes wrong. Your morning can totally set the tone for your entire day. When you make sure that your needs are taken care of, you’re essentially giving yourself the tools you need to tackle the day ahead. You’ll likely be more understanding or patient with yourself and others when things come up because your needs would have already been met. Use this time to start your day off well for YOU.

Your Mornings For Your Self-Care