‘Tis the season for spring cleaning (fa lalalala, lala la la).

We know the benefits of spring cleaning and decluttering our homes, but how often do you tackle your social media accounts?

Just like our homes, our social media accounts can collect junk. They can fill up with things we aren’t using (or things we don’t even like), which can make it more difficult to see the things we do use and like.

Taking the time to go through our accounts every so often gives us the opportunity to update our settings and refresh our following list.

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Check your security settings

How often do you check your security settings after you sign up for a social media account? Use this time to check in to make sure they’re still working for you. Do you know who can actually see all of your content? Are you still okay with your account being public? Do you have 2-factor authentication turned on? Do you have some sort of recovery email or method in place? Make sure everything is set up the exact way you want when you don’t need it, and it’ll be there for you when you do.

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Unfollow toxic accounts

Your social media home page/FYP should be curated content based on your own needs. Let’s strip this back to basics: if you love cats, you would probably want to follow cat meme accounts, but if you’re terrified of snakes, you probably wouldn’t want to follow accounts that post pictures of snakes. Seems obvious, right? The problem is that our interests on social media aren’t always so obvious. Do you ever leave social media feeling not-so-great about yourself, but you’re almost confused about why you’re feeling that way? Or maybe you don’t even necessarily realize it was social media that caused you to feel bad, you’ve just found yourself feeling slightly off? Social media strikes the comparison game, which is a game that’s impossible to win. If you leave social media feeling anything less than amazing, try to check in with yourself about why. And if you find that this is an ongoing issue, remember that it’s okay to follow these accounts. Social media is supposed to be a fun way to connect with each other, not a place that makes you feel bad.

Mute people who make you don’t want to unfollow, but don’t appreciate their posts

The issue with unfollowing people on social media is that it’s not always as easy as pressing the unfollow button. There are a ton of reasons why we may not want to actually unfollow someone, including (but not limited to) if they are a friend, family member, or coworker with differing personal, political, or religious views. If this is the case, you can always mute the account so you don’t see their posts on your home page, without having to remove them as a friend altogether. If you do decide to check in on their posts, you can do it at a time when you are feeling up to it (and if you don’t want to check on their content going forward, that’s perfectly okay too).

Reevaluate what you feel comfortable posting

Posting on social media is designed to be as easy as possible and can sometimes feel like second nature. But, how often do we stop and check in to make sure we actually feel comfortable with what we’re sharing? Are we really okay with putting this much of our lives online, or are we doing it because, well, it’s just what we do? Are we posting because we feel good about ourselves, or are we posting to fill a void or seek outside approval and validation? The content we post online lives there forever, so it’s worth thinking through before you hit the publish button.

Organize/remove old content that doesn’t serve you anymore

To build off of your last post, YES, anything you post online will be there forever, however, you also have the right to go through your old content to either organize it or remove it if you wish. Think about it this way: going through your old content allows you to curate your online presence. It allows you to position yourself the way YOU wish to be seen to potential employers or business opportunities. This could include removing posts from when you were drunk at 21 and replace them with photos of your past projects and work experience. Yes, LinkedIn may be the tool of choice for business networking, but it’s still a good idea to think about your entire social media presence.

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Social Media Accounts