Often when people ask how I got into blogging and ask me my story, I immediately think back to the leaps I took, the chances and the risks, and all of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. The number one among that list being, self-love and self-care! I could never guess in a million years that my journey would end up taking me to a place where self-care was my number one priority.

Becoming a blogger was a slow process for me in particular. I had a blog when I was younger that is now changed into my current blog itsrachelcatherine. During University, the time I was supposed to spend studying or working on assignments, I spent blogging. I would venture out to take amateur iPhone pics with my roommate, and spend late nights writing blog posts when I really should have been sleeping or studying. It took me until second semester into my 3rd year to finally realize this wasn’t my true passion. So, after a lot of thinking, researching, meditating, and tears, I finally came to the decision to leave school.

When I left school and began doing the best that I could by working on my blog all the time, I forgot one key element. While I was focusing on what I wanted, I didn’t focus on what I needed. I became extremely sick, and a couple months later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. While I thought I was a pretty healthy person, it turns out stress (and some other things) triggered my new illness. I forgot how important it was to LOVE me, and to CARE for me, because I was too stressed about ending relationships, pleasing other people, and working my butt off to make something of myself. I forgot that I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

That’s why as a blogger, and a person suffering from hypothyroidism, self-care has become my whole world. Every day I make sure to include self-love in various ways. Body, mind, and soul.



Taking care of your body is so underrated these days. I could probably talk for hours about food, and fitness, about putting only good things into your body, about loving your body no matter what, about how natural skin care is so amazing, I really could talk forever about all this. The gist of it is: your body loves you, and you need to show it the love right back! Self-care isn’t always face masks and baths, sometimes it’s making those difficult choices to do what’s right for your body: like getting up before work to squeeze in a workout, or maybe it’s taking the extra time to sleep because your body really needs it! Show your body the love it deserves, and that you deserve too!


Mind love…? Yup, I just made up that term. To me, mind love looks like gratitude, changing the way you think about life, it looks like meditation, and sometimes it looks like going to see your therapist, or spending time writing out how you feel in a journal. Taking care of your mind is just as important, if not more important as taking care of your body. We can all show ourselves love by turning to self-care for the mind. In creating a positive outlook, we have the power to change our own lives.


Quite similar to mind love, soul love is something we should practice every day. By practicing this form of self-care we give ourselves peace, and transform our own lives. You can practice self-care for the soul by practicing meditation (I love to do this first thing in the morning, using the Headspace App), try being present in whatever you are doing and wherever you are, unplug and relax, or try some positive self-affirmations.


What I’ve learned from this whole journey to self-love with self-care, is that self-care isn’t something we can ignore, and it isn’t always pretty, it takes time to get there. Sometimes it takes a whole lot of patience. Above all, it means loving yourself, for who you are, no matter what. We all deserve to be in a world full of love, so start by loving yourself.

What are you going to do today in your life to practice self-care?

Rachel, xoxo