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Let’s face it, 2020 has presented its unique challenges in pretty much every area of our lives – holiday shopping included. Many cities are either in a second lockdown, or have tighter restrictions in place, making it more difficult to pop into a shop to grab something last minute.

This gift guide is curated with gifts you should be able to get ASAP, but make sure you check shipping times and pickup options in your own area!

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For the Coffee Lover

French Press

Can you even really call yourself a coffee lover until you own a french press? Okay, well, of course you can, but they’re still pretty great.

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Milk Frother

And since a lot of us are making more coffee at home than usual, a milk frother is an incredible way to level up your at-home coffee game (or, hot chocolate game for the kiddos!)

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Glass Mugs

There’s just something so… trendy about drinking coffee out of a glass mug. Bring the coffee shop experience home for your coffee lover with some brand new mugs.

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The 2020 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

For The Cocktail Drinker

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Gift Set

Okay, so even if they aren’t the biggest cocktail drinker in the world, these mugs are still super cute and trendy.

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Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker (+ entire cocktail making kit) will be a huge win for any cocktail lover.

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Cocktail Codex

If an entire book of cocktail recipes and fundamentals isn’t a dream gift for any cocktail lover, then who knows what would be.

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For the Person Who Loves Self-Care

Bath Bombs

Sometimes, a warm and cozy bath is exactly what we need. And let’s face it, adding in a bath bomb always seems to keep us in the tub just a little bit longer.

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The people who love cozy, comforting self-care will get it: you can never have too many slippers. No seriously… slippers for every day of the week, every season, you name it.

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Digital Prints

Digital prints are seriously the perfect last-minute gift for anyone who loves self-care because you get them instantly, and they are a great representation of different bodies.

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For The One Who Loves To Shop Local

For many small businesses, the cut-off to order holidays gifts online was early in December, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still shop local for the holidays.

Etsy Gift Card

Etsy is an amazing online marketplace for small businesses where you can get virtually anything you can imagine. While it may be past the cut off for orders to be shipped in time for the holidays, you still have time to get a gift card.

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Gift Card to Local Restaurant or Small Business They Love

2020 has been extremely difficult for a ton of local restaurants and small businesses who really need your help now more than ever. If possible, try to give a gift card for a local restaurant or small business that will allow them to shop easily once things begin to open up again post-lockdown or restrictions.

Check out your favourite small businesses online to see if their storefront is open, if they have curb-side or porch picks-ups, or if they do local deliveries

While a lot of areas are in a second lockdown, or are experiencing some sort of tightened restrictions, many local businesses have pivoted quickly. Check to see if any businesses are offering porch or curb-side pickups, local deliveries, or if you can even mask up to head into their storefront.

For The Tech Lover

Smart Speaker

Being able to play pretty much any song imaginable, or getting answers to countless questions, just by asking it is pretty great for the tech lovers. Smart speakers have totally taken over, and since they can link up to one another (if they are the same brand, provided) people are adding them to multiple rooms.

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For the tech lover who wants to keep track of their stuff, a Tile is perfect for them. It’s essentially a little GPS tracker that you can clip onto your keys, phone, bag, or virtually anything you own to locate it if you misplace it.

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Google Chromecast

A Chromecast connects to most TV’s in order to play Netflix, YouTube, or virtually any other streaming service directly from your phone or tablet.

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