Do you ever find yourself in a super awesome routine, only to find it’s not working so great a little while longer?

Life happens in seasons, which means what works for us at one point, may not necessarily work at another point. For example, what works during the summer when you spend your evenings getting a ton of fresh air may not work when it’s cold in the dead of winter. This also means that the self-care routine that may have worked in October or November may need a little extra oomph during the holidays.

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Find what is working, and what isn’t

Firstly, let’s start by saying that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it… or, something like that. The holidays can feel pretty busy and overwhelming, and we can quickly find ourselves getting out of our regular routine. As much as possible, try to keep up with the things that are important to you. For example, if you know you feel really good when you start your morning with a little yoga flow, keep doing that during the holidays. The idea with the holiday-themed self-care isn’t to remove things from your routine that are working, but instead, add to what is already working, or swap out things that need adjustments. Sometimes, instead of doing a complete overhaul and changing everything, we may just need little pivots here and there. You know yourself the best, so look within and go from there.

6 Ways To Have A Holiday Themed Self-Care Night

Have a warm bath

We normally like to remind you that self-care should go deeper than bubble baths and pamper sessions, but that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t treat yourself from time to time. The reality is that we end up becoming so focused on everybody else during the holidays, that sometimes we need to be reminded to shift our attention back towards ourselves from time to time. To make it extra festive, pick up a holiday-themed bath bomb or bubble bar, light your favourite holiday-scented candle, and relax (seriously, how freaking cute is this one from Lush?)

Play some music

One super easy (and cost-effective) way to make your self-care feel a little more holiday-themed is to play a little holiday music. If you’re finding that the holiday music is starting to get a little… overdone, check out some acoustic covers or piano covers for a different spin on a classic.

Get creative

There’s something extra fun about being creative during the holidays. Bake something tasty, decorate your home, build a gingerbread house, colour, paint your nails… do anything that lets your creative juices flow. Bonus points if the activity takes you away from your phone and the world of social media.

Decorate your space

We’ll decorate our homes for the holidays, why not inject a little self-love cheer into the rotation while we’re at it. The reality is that the things we are are paying attention to on a regular basis have a pretty big impact on our lives. We are constantly bombarded by unrealistic beauty ideals, Photoshopped and Facetuned photos of our friends and strangers alike, and highlight reel after highlight reel of seemingly perfect lives online. Displaying art in your home is a great way to represent different body types to look at on a regular basis, and digital prints allow you to swap them out effortlessly as often as you want.

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Say yes or no without guilt

Say yes to yummy food, and no to scummy people. We generally centre our holiday gatherings around a meal, which can bring up a ton of different feelings for a ton of different people for a ton of different reasons. Focus your attention on what your needs are, and try to approach it without guilt. It’s okay to have a second plate of dessert, just as it’s okay if you want to sit out of the festivities if you are feeling overwhelmed. Just focus your attention on being kind: always be kind to yourself, regardless of how you may be feeling, and always be kind to others. If you are struggling, chances are that someone else may be struggling, too.

Set healthy boundaries

The word boundaries can feel a little overwhelming or daunting. We may feel like boundaries are uncomfortable or take away from someone else, but the fact of the matter is that isn’t exactly the reality. Healthy boundaries protect both ourselves, as well as the people we love the most. If you are new to setting healthy boundaries, check out this post here.