Why hello there, brighter days and warmer weather, how we’ve missed you.

There’s something magical in the air when spring arrives (other than the pollen, of course). It’s a sense of opportunity, growth, and life. Animals are waking up, flowers are popping up to say high, and for a lot of us, our spirits are lifting.

The spring months are a time to enjoy all of the beauty that life has to offer. Today we’re going to share 8 ways to get ready for it to make the most of this beautiful time.

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8 Ways to Get Ready for Spring

1. Clean out your closet

This one is pretty good practice with any season change because it allows you to go through your clothes, see what you’re grabbing for and what you haven’t touched in years. To take this a step further, try on the clothes while you’re at it. If something doesn’t fit, doesn’t empower you, or doesn’t feel good on you, then remember it’s no longer serving you. Clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around. So if it isn’t working for you anymore, donate it or sell it to someone else.

2. Reevaluate your goals

Take some time to check in with your goals for the year – how are they going? If you’re on track, that’s awesome – proceed onwards. If they aren’t going so well, take a second to check in with yourself. Is there something you need to change up in your daily routine? Is there a way you can change up your goal? Can you break things up a little more? Set your goals up in a way that will better your life, rather than tear you down if you have yet to accomplish them. And remember that change takes time, be patient with yourself. 

3. Check in with your boundaries/mental health

From shorter days to cooler weather, the winter months can feel extremely tough for so many people. Take some time to check in with yourself. How are your boundaries? Do you feel like they’re working for your current lifestyle, or do you need to change something up? How about your mental health? Are you feeling okay, or do you need to change something up? The reality is that our lives are constantly changing, which means what worked at one point in your life may not work as well at another, and that’s okay. Check in with yourself regularly and make adjustments where and when needed. 

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4. Clean your car

This one feels pretty self-explanatory, but nonetheless, it’s still a good reminder. Whether it’s extra layers of clothing, blankets, or random odds and ends, our cars seem to collect a little more during the winter months. Not to mention, if you live in an area with snow, you likely accumulate a little extra sand and dirt in your car this time of year, too. Spend some time tidying, dusting, and vacuuming your car.

5. Drink more water

It’s important to make sure you’re drinking enough water all year round, but with the warmer months quickly approaching, now is a good time for a quick reminder. Get in the habit of drinking enough water during the day. Keep it by your side, drink it more than anything else, and enjoy.

6. Clean your windows

Especially since your windows have likely been closed all winter, spend some time cleaning them up both inside and out (if it’s safe to do). It’s not always the most enjoyable task, but it will feel good and look good once it’s done.

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7. Change up your bedding

There’s nothing cozier than freshly washed bedding and is a great way to get ready for spring. There are typically 3 different ways to do this. The first is to wash your current bedding and leave it at that. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this and is still super cozy. You can change up your comforter set altogether, which can be great to get a lighter weight and feeling from your comforter. Or, you can change up your duvet, which is a great space-saving, and relativity inexpensive decision. 

8. Spring clean your social media accounts

We have a whole post on this one, but it’s too important to leave out, so we’ll sum it up for you. Use the changing seasons as a reminder to check in with your social media accounts to make sure they are serving you. Are you comfortable with who you’re following, or do you need to unfollow or mute certain accounts? How are your security settings, are everything set up the way you want them to be? To see the full list of ways to spring clean your social media account, check out the entire post here.

8 Ways to Get Ready for Spring