Are you the type of person with a perfectly curated home? Do you throw together whatever’s easiest together? Or, are you somewhere in between?

Home decor means something different to every single one of us: some of us may love to keep up with the trends, whereas others may just prefer to stick with what we’re used to. But regardless of where we may stand on the spectrum, there’s one thing that holds true: your space matters. For real, it does.

Instead of covering the details of interior design, we’re going to take it back a step and talk about why your space matters. However, before we do, we wanted to share a little trigger warning. Home means something different to everyone – for some, it’s a safe and comforting place, but for others, it may be the opposite. Today we’re going to share 8 reasons why your space matters, but in reality, the number one reason should be that everyone deserves a safe and loving place to call home. If you need help yourself, or you’re noticing red flags with someone you love, please reach out safely to a professional, or even to a close friend or family member you trust for help.

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Firstly, this doesn’t necessarily mean spending boatloads of money

Back in the day, when someone wanted to update their home, that would likely mean purchasing a furniture set from a big box store or hope they knew someone who was getting rid of their dream piece. However, times have changed, and thanks to a little thing called the world wide web, we can shop in a whole new manner.

We can follow YouTube videos that can help us transform our living room simply by moving around the future, compare big-ticket items from countless stores to make sure we’re getting the best deal, peruse second-hand items on sites such as Facebook Market Place or even download artwork at a fraction of the cost of buying it in person.

Times have changed a ton, so don’t think that you need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to make your house feel like a home. Take it slowly by just starting with what you can. 

8 Reasons Why Your Space Matters

1. To provide a sense of home 

This one may feel especially important to you if you’ve moved around a lot or lived in an apartment. When your space feels temporary, it can feel more challenging to make it feel like a home. Regardless of how long you may plan on spending somewhere, you still deserve to feel stability and comfort. Finding little ways to inject your personality into your space can be a great way to make it feel more like home.

2. Your external world is a representation of your internal world

For many of us, whether they may realize it or not, our external world represents our internal world. Meaning, when we’re feeling good, our space is often tidier and a little more put together than when we are struggling. This also means that we can sometimes use this to our advantage. Cleaning our space when we are struggling may not necessarily make everything suddenly better, but it can help to provide us with a little order and clarity.

3. Provides an escape from social media

Do you remember the days when we were bombarded by images in magazines of what the ideal body or life looked like? Well, social media has taken that concept to the extreme. Social media is a collection of highlight reels: we see the very best of the best. From the palm of their hands, anyone can edit their entire lives to look however they wish. They can be the fittest they’ve ever been, the most successful they’ve ever been, and the happiest they’ve ever been. People can share a piece of the story without disclosing everything. The issue, however, is that this is so easy to do that it can be hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not on social media. Filling our homes with visual reminders that there’s beauty in different sizes, shapes, and colours can be an incredible reminder of our worth. These digital prints can be printed off at home to add to your gallery wall, tape up, or even spruce up an old frame as a visual reminder of your worth.

4. Develop your style

Let’s talk about the home decor basics for a second: developing your own personal style isn’t exactly an easy task. We can pin all day long, but the reality is that it’s not always until we actually get things into our space that we start to really formulate what our style is. Taking the time to develop our own personal style helps us represent our own interests instead of copying someone else’s style. That doesn’t mean we can’t take inspiration from other areas, but what it does mean is to focus on what you like, and not what someone is telling you you should like.  

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5. You can focus on what you want 

2020 taught us that we don’t always have control over what’s going on in the world, and that things can feel overwhelming, stressful, and even a little scary. What we do have a little more control over, however, is our own space. We can aim to create a place of love, calmness, and relaxation, regardless of what’s happening in the outside world.

6. To help you recharge at the end of the day 

Let’s touch on that last point a little bit more: we need a space to recharge at the end of the day. Having a space that is a representation of your personal style means that you can make sure that things are catered to your needs. You can have things conveniently placed that build you up, lighten your mood, and lift your spirits. Think about it as surrounding yourself with all of your favourite things: colours, textures, images, etc. The more catered they are to your needs, the more relaxing you’ll find it. 

7. A space to remind you of your worth 

Society loves to point out flaws, and then turn around and try to sell us the solution. They tell us that we’re too big, but for a cost, they can fix that. They tell us that we’re behind, but for a cost, they can fix us. They tell us that we’re too much while also being not enough, but for a cost, they can fix us. When we’re constantly told these things about ourselves, we can easily begin to believe that they are true. Fill your space with things that remind you of your worth: show off your degree, put up artwork with relatable bodies, and paint your walls a colour that lifts you up. While we don’t have any control over what we’re seeing in the outside world, we do have a say over what we’ll see at home.

8. Your mindset is the foundation of everything in your life

It’s been long said that where your attention goes, energy flows. Your space matters because it influences your mindset, which impacts literally everything in your life. For example, think about how you’d feel if you worked in a dark, windowless office versus how you’d feel if you had to work on a tropical beach with the ocean in front of you. While that may be a drastic or unrealistic switch, the reality is that there are a ton of ways that we can inject some of that same feeling into our own homes. 

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8 Reasons Why Your Space Matters