Here’s the deal, if you’re anything like us, then you may find picking a new show on Netflix a little – er – easier said than done. But seriously, is there anything better than a cozy night in, a glass of wine in hand, completely emersed in hours of a great show? It’s social distancing at its finest.

Grab some popcorn and get cozy, because we’ve compiled our top Netflix recommendations at the moment. From new series to old, from documentaries to sitcoms, we’ve got you covered. Thes best part? They’re all available on Netflix Canada (seriously, there’s nothing worse than finding out a show isn’t available in your area).

1. Emily in Paris

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Number of seasons: 1

Average Episode length: 26 minutes

Think… Sex and the City… but in Paris, set in the 2020s, and targeted towards a younger generation. Which definitely makes sense, seeing as it’s brought to you by the same people behind Sex and the City. The series follows Emily, an American who finds herself unexpectedly moving from Chicago to Paris for a year to work for a marketing firm. She knows nothing about the culture, nothing about the people, and virtually no french. But she’s feisty and determined to make a difference.

2. Schitt’s Creek

Genre: Sitcom

Number of seasons: 6

Average Episode length: 21 minutes

This iconic show swept the Emmys in 2020, and with good reason. It’s absolutely hilarious. It follows a filthy rich family who goes bankrupt and is forced to leave their lavish life. The only asset they’re allowed to keep is a small town called Schitt’s Creek, which the father, Johnny (played by Eugene Levy), had jokingly bought for his son (played by Dan Levy) several years earlier and later forgotten. The family moves to the town, which is pretty much what you’d expect, and lives in a motel. The best part? The show is Canadian!

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3. The Mind, Explained


Genre: Documentary

Number of episodes: 5

Average Episode length: 20 minutes

The Mind, Explained is a Netflix documentary series that covers a wide variety of topics. Each episode ranges from about 16-25 minutes and covers one individual topic. However, for larger topics, such as Coronavirus, sex, and the mind, Netflix has released limited mini-series to give more time and attention to the topic. The Mind, Explained is broken down into 5 20-minute episodes, with topics including memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness and psychedelics.

4. Superstore

Genre: Sitcom

Number of seasons: 5

Average Episode length: 21 minutes

This show may be new to Netflix Canada, but it’s not exactly new – aka, you’ve got 5 seasons to work through. If you’ve ever worked in a big box store, or have even just visited one, you’ll likely find this show hilarious. It’s extremely dysfunctional, and that’s exactly why we love it. The episodes are short, and each one leaves you wanting more.

5. Bridgerton

Genre: Romance

Number of seasons: 1

Average Episode length: 60 minutes

Bridgerton takes place in the early 1800s, following Lady Bridgerton as she embarks on her first social season when she is eligible to find a husband. She’s strong-willed and determined to find a husband she actually loves and refuses to settle for less. The show has it all: gossip, sex, secrets, and more. Just know that the episodes are long and will likely require a snack, but you’ll find yourself hooked immediately.

6. The Good Place

Genre: Sitcom

Number of seasons: 4

Average Episode length: 22 minutes

The Good Place takes place in the afterlife, where Eleanor quickly realizes that she’s likely not where she’s supposed to be. She struggles with the decision about what to do with this information, who to confide in – oh, and not swearing. It’s hilarious, creative, unexpected, and keeps you wanting more.

7. Headspace Guide to Meditation


Genre: Documentary

Number of episodes: 8

Average Episode length: 21 minutes

If you’ve ever found yourself interested in the world of meditation, but unsure about where or how to get started, this show is for you. Headspace is a guided meditation and mindfulness app designed to help you stress less, focus more, and improve your sleep – their show is no different. This mini-series is your introduction to the world of meditation, with an overall overview and practices. Plus, they even have a second Netflix mini-series called Headspace Guide to Sleep.

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