Before you get caught up taking care of everyone else’s needs this holiday season, let’s take a pause. Let’s shift the focus back onto yourself, take care of your needs, and fall in love with where you are now with that main character energy.

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Main character energy

We are all the main characters of our own lives – the centre of our worlds. The main character energy is what actively takes control of our own lives. It’s all about the self-love-focused growth mindset that gives you the strength and confidence to go after your dreams and not put up with anything.

The holiday main character energy is exactly what you think it is, the main character energy…but during the holidays.

During the holidays, our attention can quickly get placed on everyone else’s needs, which isn’t totally a bad thing. When you’re a compassionate and caring person, you’re going to be concerned with the needs of the people you love – that’s part of what makes love, family, and friendships so meaningful. But there’s a limit.

The main character doesn’t mean you’re not to care about anyone else’s needs at all – it’s about not jeopardizing your needs to appease someone else. It’s about putting on your own oxygen mask first before you start to worry about taking care of others. It’s only after you’re taken care of and your needs are met that you can show up as your best self for the rest of the world.

holiday main character
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6 Habits You Need For Becoming The Main Character During The Holidays

Protect your time

As things start to get busy and your calendar begins to fill up, remember that your time is valuable. As the main character, you’re allowed to protect your time and to save it for events and situations that both fill you up and make you feel good about yourself. Say no to people, events, and activities that drain you, hurt you, or you’re solely doing out of obligation. Reimagine how you go about the holidays, who you see, and what you do make adjustments where needed, and do what works for you.

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Maintain your financial health

It’s taboo to talk about finances, which means a lot of folks had very little-to-no education on the subject matter. The main character energy we need this holiday season is to take care of ourselves financially before worrying about gifts for others. Do not go into debt to fill your Christmas tree, and work with a financial advisor if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your finances. Get comfortable examining your finances, and take control of your financial health.

Set boundaries

What does protecting your time and maintaining your financial health have in common? They’re boundaries. Boundaries are incredibly important all year – the holidays included. You can set boundaries around what sorts of conversations you have at the dinner table, how long you visit with people, or how far you’re willing to travel. You are the main character, which means you’re allowed to write the script. 

Make time for your goals and interests

Of course, it’s okay to take breaks from these things to rest and recharge, but don’t lose sight of your goals and interests. When we get busy during the holidays, we can easily forget to spend time doing the things we enjoy, too. Make time during the holidays for your goals and interests. Depending on your schedule, you may need to get creative – believe in yourself, honour your boundaries, and do what works for you.

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Create a routine

The holidays are notorious for taking us away from our routines and daily structure, which can feel overwhelming to some. Where possible, try to add a little normalcy back into your day. This doesn’t need to look like a super well thought out routine, just focus on creating a little structure where possible. This could look like reading a book with your morning coffee, or maintaining some sort of bedtime routine while you’re travelling. Focus on your needs and do what you can.

Prioritize rest

The holidays are dark, cold, and busy, which may mean we found ourselves getting more tired than usual. Give yourself permission to rest, relax and recharge. The main character acknowledges that they can be their best when they are well rested, so remember to prioritize your needs, including your need for sleep.

main character during the holidays