The holidays are all about the people we love the most, which is what makes them super freaking great. We love spending our time searching for the perfect gift to give that we know someone will love, or volunteering our time to those who are less fortunate. But sometimes we can get so caught up in making sure everybody else is taken care of, that we forget that it’s okay to take care of ourselves by treating ourselves once in a while, too.

Most of the time we talk about the fact that self-love and self-care go so much deeper than treat yo’self acts and gifts, but that isn’t to say that they don’t have their own time and place. Sometimes it can feel really good to treat yourself to something new, especially when you are so hyper-focused on doing the same for others.

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It’s More Than Just The Money

Alright, we’ll say it: the thought of spending money on ourselves may just not feel like a priority during the holidays – and that is A-OKAY. Gifts, whether for yourself or others, should not be something to put yourself into financial trouble for. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t be treating yourself during the holidays. The reality is that, with a little creativity, there are tons of ways to treat yourself that don’t have to cost you a single dime.

This holiday season, treat yourself to more rest by going to bed a little earlier, to the freedom of not concerning yourself with the opinions of others, and to the belief that you already have everything you need within yourself. In other words, spend more time focusing on gratitude and love, and less time focusing on stress and drama.

5 Gifts To Give Yourself This Holiday Season

5 Gifts To Give Yourself This Holiday Season

1. New Scrunchie/Mask

Masks have quickly become the it accessory for 2020, and there’s nothing better than being able to match it to your outfit. This holiday season, treat yourself to a new matching scrunchie/mask combo to elevate your 2020 fashion. Not only is this a relatively inexpensive way to treat yourself, but you are also protecting your health, as well as potentially supporting a small business when you purchase one from Etsy.

2. Candles

Let’s set the scene: the snow is falling peacefully (or, er- rain is falling, if you don’t get snow), you have warm socks on, a toasty beverage, and a relaxing candle to your side. Candles just elevate an already-relaxing time. Find a new candle that smells good and makes you HAPPY. 

3. Digital Prints

Okay, okay, so this may be a little self-promo, but these digital prints are totally worth it. Our digital prints turn different body types into ART, to remind you that there is beauty in all. Plus, since they’re digital, you get the files immediately (hello no processing or shipping delays), and can print them off at home or take them to a local print shop to print them off. They are the perfect way to spruce up an old frame with a little love or to add to an existing gallery wall. Honestly, they’re just the greatest way to treat yourself during the holidays.

4. Something Extra Cozy

We all find different things cozy and comforting but think: warm, soft, and large. Something that you can wrap yourself in at the end of the night, whether that looks like a sweater, a blanket, or even just a warm bath with a bath bomb or some bubbles. You know what you like the best, so listen to yourself and honour your own needs.

5. Mindfulness App

It is so easy to find our brains lost in plans, issues, and life in general, that we can easily forget to stay in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness is super important, especially during the holidays, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Mindfulness apps are an amazing way to start practicing mindfulness and meditation through guided practices, and expert advice. Two major mindfulness apps that people are loving are Calm and Headspace – we are loving Calm (no, this is not sponsored, we seriously just love it), but definitely recommend that you do your own research and find what works for you!