Our mindset is a complicated thing… isn’t it? It’s something personal and within us, yet we can struggle to understand what the heck is going on in there.

A lot of us may have felt like we’ve spent part of (or the majority of) our lives ignoring or suppressing our thoughts and feelings. We may feel like taking the time to become aware of our mindset is strange, vulnerable, or downright uncomfortable, especially when we’re not used to it. Paying attention to it isn’t necessarily about getting things perfect the first time around, but rather the small habitual changes to slowly implement over time. In other words, progress is better than perfect, so don’t be so hard on yourself if it doesn’t happen immediately.

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What is your mindset?

Our mindset is made up of our thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts are the things that pop into our head frequently throughout the day (such as, “I need to pick up coffee on my way home”, or, “I need to send off that report before I can head out for the day”). In fact, experts say that we have anywhere from 50,000-80,000 thoughts per day – we’re always thinking about something, whether we may realize it or not. Our beliefs, on the other hand, are basically our core values. Think of beliefs as a rule book hiding out in the subconscious brain, helping you decipher the world without even realizing it. If we are constantly telling ourselves that we are dumb, our subconscious brain will take that as a belief and write it in the rulebook. This could mean that without even realizing it, we may make silly mistakes, or blow off studying for a test because we are subconsciously holding onto the belief that we are dumb and won’t do well. 

From the number of thoughts we have in a day, to the fact that so much takes place in our subconscious brain, our mindset plays a significant role in our lives. If we aren’t actively paying attention to the thoughts and beliefs we let into our mindset, it can quickly begin to hold us back. Today we’re going to talk about 10 reasons why you need to pay attention to your mindset.

10 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Mindset

1. It’s always on

Literally, always on. Whether we may realize it at the time or not, we’re constantly thinking, and if we aren’t careful, those thoughts can trickle into our subconscious brain. We want to make sure that we are building ourselves up, being kind to ourselves, and showering ourselves with love – however, if our mindset goes unchecked, we can quickly revert to the opposite. Paying attention to our mindset means paying attention to the sorts of thoughts that are going through our mind, removing the ones that are just downright false (yes, your butt looks great in those jeans, stop trying to convince yourself otherwise), and replacing them with ones that build you up.

2. It’s the only validation you need

Sometimes we can get caught up in everyone else’s opinions, that we can forget to pay attention to our own. When we focus on our mindset and prioritize our own care, we suddenly can find that we have all of the validation we need. At the end of the day, we are living our one and only life, and we need to make sure our validation is coming from ourselves, not someone else. 

3. It determines how you respond to situations

Think about how you would respond to something when you’re tired and stressed versus when you’re well-rested and fulfilled. There are a ton of things that can influence our mindset, which in turn, influences how we respond to a situation. When we are aware of our mindset, we are able to directly work on it sooner, which can have us respond to situations more intentionally.

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4. It helps you grow

Have you ever watched a kid learn how to walk? They fall over and over again, but they don’t give up – they’re determined to get it. Yes, it is important to note that babies’ brains aren’t developed, but regardless, there can still be a lot to learn from this. Having the mindset that you can do something will cause you to keep getting up when you fall down, and eventually achieve your dreams.

5. Or, it can keep you stuck

One of the greatest quotes of all time came from Henry Ford when he said, “whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” This is so important because things aren’t going to be easy 100% of the time, especially when we are wanting to do something new or different. Sooner or later, things will get difficult and challenges will probably arise – without having your mindset in check, you can easily let limiting beliefs keep you stuck where you are, as opposed to growing to something bigger and better.

6. It’s a free way to put yourself first

That’s right, it’s totally FREEEEEE, baby. Sometimes we get caught up in self-care acts that are expensive or daunting, that we forget the fundamentals. Paying attention to our mindset is one of the most basic ways to care for ourselves. It’s basically like taking inventory on our brain and seeing how we’re doing – if we notice that something isn’t going the way we want it to, we can course-correct, as opposed to following along in the same direction.

7. We may find areas we need help

Seeking out help is nothing to be ashamed of (read that again, and again, and again… until it sticks). There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking out help whenever you feel like you need it. Professionals have dedicated their lives to become an expert in their specialized field, and will likely help you work through whatever you’re going through substantially quicker than if you were to piece it together on your own. Paying attention to your mindset can help to uncover areas where you feel like you may need a little extra help or attention. 

8. You create more of what you think about

Have you ever purchased something new, only to start noticing it everywhere? Maybe it’s a new car, and you start to see it at every single stoplight? Or it’s a new pair of shoes, only to realize everyone has the same ones? What we focus on, we create more of. Sometimes we may not notice something at all one moment, only to not be able to look past it the next moment. When we focus our mindset on our potential and opportunities, the more we’ll see it all around us.

9. It’s where your self-love will come from

Self-love and mindset go hand in hand – to focus on your self-love, you need to be in the proper mindset; when your mindset is in check, it will be easier to love yourself first. When you are constantly thinking negatively about yourself, your situation, or the world around you, it is substantially more difficult to prioritize your self-love. Start by focusing on your mindset, and the rest will come together.

10. You deserve it

You deserve to live your happiest, most fulfilled life. This starts in your mindset: believing in yourself, believing in the opportunities around you, and believing that you deserve everything you dream of. Everything you desire is out there, you just need to focus on your mindset.

10 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Mindset